Online Personal Training & Accountability Coaching

My personal training includes a sustainable meal plan tailored to meet your goals and a detailed workout routine that will fit into your schedule. I create customized programs for both beginners and advanced athletes. If you're interested in weight-loss and/or improving your overall physique and performance, that's exactly what I'm here for. My programs are conducted entirely online (also via phone, text, and email) for the convenience of coaching clients no matter where they're located.

What to expect out of me as your personal trainer:

-Weekly Client Accountability Check-in

-24/7 Availability (questions, comments, concerns regarding your program)

-Monitoring Progress on Weekly Basis (making necessary changes and explaining why)

-Customized Meal Plans (based on your personal stats, goals and lifestyle)

-Customized Workout Plans (based on your schedule, physical abilities and goals)


What are you waiting for? The NEW you starts here for less than $45 a week!


If you are interested in one of my programs, or you have any questions, click on "Contact Me" and shoot me a message or you can email me at info@almonte-fitness.com